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Repairing System Is Need Of The Hour

48 years ago Pakistan parted into two which occurred due to Indian
interference conspiracy but the main reason was their depravity to which
India took advantage by anti state actors exploited the situation. If
people of East Pakistan were honoured, facilitated with equal oppertunities
so Indian conspiracy could never be survive. We have another example of
Indian interference in Balochistan arrest of Kulbhoshan Jadhev is the
proof who admitted that Indian spy agency RAW supporting funding to US
designated banned organization BLA. But question arise why armed movements
arise? Why anti-state emotions exist? Why common people join such
organization? Simply the answer could be grievances which are not addressed
by Authorities and resulting anti-state elements take advantage of this.
Question arises again why grievances exist & could not be resolved? Answer
is that there is double standard, dual nature law, status quo, corruption
illicit use of power by bureaucracy and influential persons resultantly
sense of deprivity increases which provides oppertunity to anti-state
elements within outside state. However, it is the need of the hour to
"repair the system” particularly need to fix democratic deficit
governance failure. To meet systematic gap it must be Pakistan’s policy
elected Government should rapid work on reforms their implementation
aimed at repairing the system which is not only vision of PM but also
longstanding wish of nation and key to nation’s prosperity. First of all
Gov’t must tackle lawlessness which is the mother of all crisis and restore
the rule of law in true spirit instead rule of persons. For national
integration state sustainability reforms in public service is most
important as we have learnt from 1971 when Bengali civil servants refused
to unload ship at Chittagong port due to their affiliation with Awami
League, Moreover it is common notice that person appointed political basis
are loyal to their parties not with their duties. Secondly our
institutions system derailed due to political appointments of incapable
persons so Gov’t must reform civil service act modernize police act to
ensure neutrality professionalism of bureaucracy and depoliticization
should be functionalize. It must also ensure merit system in recruitment at
federal provincial level specially in Sindh. Its certain need to end
corruption and political influence in appointments transfers to make the
people service oriented. It is the prime responsibility of Gov’t to make
sure stoppage ‘decrees of traitor’ to civil society must provide space to
enable effective functioning of civil society which acts as watchdog in
democratic, constitutional values & rights of people. During IK’s whole
campaign he emphasized decentralization effective local gov’t bodies for
the betterment of system and now IK is in power so he must fulfill his
promise but 18th amendment would be prove big hurdle in this. Due to 18th
amendment each province has its own law and obstruction in implementation
of gov’t orders so this should be revisit because it is noticed that after
passage of 18th amendment ethnicity rate increased massively.Directly
indirectly 18th amendment created states within the state so need of the
hour is to revisit 18th amendment. On the basis of ethnicity Different
regions are demanding provinces but it would further create new problems
because there is need of rule of law first then anyother thing. It is
pertinent to mention here that it is IK who first ever among politicians
who focused on environmental issues struggling to get benefits of natural
resource economics. In fact, climate change is the global issue Pakistan
badly effected, no doubt IK’s program of Billion Tree Tsunami Clean Green
Pakistan would prove in best favor of state nation besides it must be
reassessed development projects to minimize risks as in past our few
bridges caused heavy land erosions by Indus, Chenab Jehlum rivers
resultantly thousands of families become unemployed due to loss of their
land. Pak leaders who during five decades ruled the state like monarchs had
never put intentions on poor people problems remained busy in their
business, increased the volume of both internal & external debt, majority
of them are now in quandary & they don’t know what future they hold. Since
IK appeared in Pakistan politics he made intentions on lingering problems
of poor and after coming into power He started to make ground work for
reforms aimed to repair the system but bureaucracy and traditional
politicians obstructing by delaying tactics. Despite this ground work is
going on in some fields ground work has been done and implementation
process is on but need ensuring transparency. Youth loans, housing scheme,
health card programs are beyond apreciation but its time to make new social
contract to ensure equal oppertunities for poor and their due share in
national resources, there should be subsidized loans for farmars youth,
crop insurance under gov’t authority, provision of quality education
merit base recruitment must be top priorities. There is dual standard for
rich poor, it must be end now, there should be rule of law and must be
same standard for rich poor. Time to end protecting violators of law,
looters plunderers. Reforming judicial system is the need of hour as
nation may rid off from "Peshi Pe Peshi” tradition. Nepotism is basic part
of our culture, it must be quite now. Most importantly bring "say no to
corruption” out of advertisements books, instead ensure implementation of
it on ground. Ruling Party seems sincere in reforming financial sector but
transparency accountability needed to reach designated position. As it is
longstanding vision of IK to ensure effective local bodies system,
depoliticization, rule of law, free society from status quo and this is the
need of hour to free from all crisis. Hopefully Gov’t will engage in
repairing system for the betterment of nation.
By: Inshal Rao