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Will Husain Haqqani be brought back

Ashraf Aasmi ….

It is the matter of hope that the Supreme Court is trying to bring back to the Hussain Haqqani.As it is the clear cut version of Mr. Haqani, he is playing in the hands of anti Pakistani lobby . Suprem Court has taken up this case now. The case has been opened after five years.
The federal government on Thursday assured the Supreme Court that all measures would be taken to bring back Husain Haqqani, former Pakistani ambassador to the United States.Additional Secretary Interior, Director US Desk, Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bilal Hayee and DG FIA Bashir Memon appeared before a three-member bench headed by Chief justice Mian Saqib Nisar.The bench heard review petitions on the Memogate scam. Last week, the chief justice hearing a case of voting rights of overseas Pakistanis had issued a notice to Haqqani to come back and face the instant case.On January 3, 2013, Haqqani left the country with the commitment to come back on a four-day notice and the court had allowed him to go abroad. He, however, did not return to the country and breached his commitment with the court. On June 4, 2013, the court had directed the executive to bring him back.Additional Attorney General Waqar Rana representing the secretaries and the DG FIA submitted that as the case was taken up after a long time, therefore, he could not say anything what had happened in the past but from now onwards, all measures will be taken to bring Haqqani back from the US. He said that a meeting in this regard will be held at the highest level, deliberating the measures to bring him back.The court directed secretaries of interior, foreign affairs and the DG FIA to adopt all constitutional and legal measurers to bring Haqqani back and submit a compliance report within a week.The court also directed that the breach of commitment by Haqqani declining to return to Pakistan should also be examined by the authorities.Earlier, the chief justice observed that in the last order (dated 04-06-2013) the case was adjourned for four weeks. Expressing surprise he said why the case was not fixed as per the June 4 order. The chief justice also issued a notice to the SC Office to explain the reasons.Meanwhile, Barrister Zafarullah, a petitioner, brought into the notice of the chief justice a new item that appeared in a section of the press and produced cuttings of the news story. According to the news report, Husain Haqqani has dismissed reports about reopening of the infamous Memogate case terming it a ‘political gimmick’ on part of the Supreme Court.“I will not come to Pakistan on the insistence of Baba Rehmatay [chief justice],” the petitioner quoted Haqqani as saying.Waqar Rana told the court that Haqqani frequently ridicules the courts of the country. The chief justice, however, said that he would not react to the remarks made by the former ambassador, but the Memogate matter would be pursued diligently as it concerned the country’s honour.The court also dismissed Haqqani’s review petitions against the Supreme Court order to form a commission to probe the Memogate scam.With the onset of the hearing, Advocate on Record Chaudhry Akhtar and Asma Jahangir appeared before the bench and stated that they have been instructed not to plead his case, therefore, they are withdrawing Wakalatnaama.The case is adjourned for one week.
The court proceedings shows , Chief Justice has great will to bring back Mr. Haqqani to Pakistan.It is the true the supremacy of rule of law, every one should be treated equally.

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