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TECNO Acknowledged as Global Top Brand by CES 2022-2023

As highly expected at the annual Consumer Electronic Show 2023: CES 2023, the
2022-2023 Global Top Brands were revealed, honoring TECNO as “2022-2023 GLOBAL
SMART PHONE BRANDS TOP 10”. With its consistently accelerating strategy in technology
innovation and design excellence to build a modern stylish brand since 2013, TECNO has
built itself as an innovative global brand with operations in over 70 markets, while this
award serves as another firm proof of its competitive power against global giants.
The annual Global Top Brands Award, hosted by Asia Digital Group, and European Digital
Group, and supported by TWICE and International Data Corporation (IDC), is aimed to honor
global consumer electronic brands at frontier innovations for global consumers and promote
the entire industry’s development.
“We are impressed with the accomplishments TECNO has reached this year,” said Dongfang
Zhu, President of Asia Digital Group. “TECNO has built a long-term reputation across global
markets and dedicated to technology innovations for frontier markets globally. Remarkably
TECNO keeps innovating at the forefront and truly embodies the spirit we are looking for in a
top consumer electronic brand.”
Certificate & Trophy of “2022-2023 GLOBAL SMART PHONE BRANDS TOP 10”
Technology Innovation is the Hardcore in Global Top Brands Ranking

As CES is the ground to technologies and global innovators, the Global Top Brands Award
this year also carried the theme of CES 2023: how technology is addressing the world’s
biggest challenges, and focused on recognizing inspiring innovations and effective global
strategy of brands to encourage them to upgrade technological innovations and create
newer and better products. In the fast-moving digital age, brands can only embrace global
challenges by keeping innovating constantly and unlocking more and more unknown areas.
Hence, innovation capabilities as well as brand services from a global perspective are
considered as the hardcore in Global Top Brands Award selection criteria.
The candidate brands were also evaluated from multiple perspectives including the
candidates’ internationalization, overseas competitiveness, consumer experience,
technological innovation and patents, overseas brand awareness, and brand management in
internationalization to assess the overall technology innovation capabilities as well as the
brand globalization achievements.
Adhering to the principles of authority, science, professionalism, objectivity and impartiality,
the Global Top Brands has been one of the most authoritative, professional, and credible
selection events in the global consumer electronics industry and has released the most
influential list to the world since 2006.
Honoring TECNO’s Massive Progression Towards Premium Technology Brand
This year’s selection evaluates the participating brands from four dimensions, industry
popularity, global strategic layout, influence on international market, and product
innovation. Winning this prestigious global award and being listed as the TOP10 Global
Smartphone Brands just precisely endorsed TECNO’s breakthroughs and strengths in those
Embracing the latest trends in cutting-edge technology innovations and stylish modern
design to craft the perfect products for a new generation of consumers, TECNO has been
revolutionizing the digital experience in emerging global markets, relentlessly pushing for
the perfect integration of contemporary, aesthetic design with the latest technologies.
Thanks to its continuous innovation, TECNO won popularity among global young consumers
who are aspiring to build a digitally connected life and realize better self.
“It is with great humility and excitement to receive this prestigious Global Top Brands Award
at the CES 2023. It’s an amazing recognition for our continuous efforts in developing a
distinguished brand and make TECNO a best choice among global consumers.” said Jack
Guo, General Manager of TECNO. “With this precious recognition and our consistent
commitment to frontier markets and consumers, we will keep driving forward our
innovation strategy, pushing new boundaries between technology and design, and enable
our consumers to build a beautiful life that is digitally connected and forward-looking”.

As an innovative technology brand, TECNO has set many new standards in technology
innovation and stylish modern design to provide premium smart devices for forward-looking
individuals in global markets. Especially in 2022, TECNO has made many leapfrogging
breakthroughs in premium technology innovations, including PHANTOM X2 Pro as the
world’s first smartphone to feature a retractable portrait lens comparable to a professional
camera to create “studio-like” portrait photography, PHANTOM X2 Pro 5G as an Eco-Friendly
Edition with a back cover made using recycled materials from ocean plastics, as well as
TECNO CAMON 19 Pro Mondrian Edition as the world’s first smart device that uses “sunlight
drawing” technology to allow the phone to change colors in sunlight, and to name a few.