Written By:Zain Hassan
Education is the process of learning and it is useful for prosperity and easiness of human beings in the social order. People are interested in education and this attraction is based on different perceptions according to particular life style of individuals in society.
For example, some people are taking education as a source of knowledge and they are interested to increase their level of information at any cost. These people are capable to bring sustainability and betterment in their actions according to their level of knowledge.
Meanwhile, another category of people is interested in education as a source of income because they are using this facility for bringing easiness in their commercial manners. This situation is sensitive as positivity in constructive matters is essential for best consequences.
This scenario is understandable with the instance of education as positivity in this matter is the cause of accomplishment and negativity is the reason of destruction. We can see various examples in this society that are successful or failed due to difference in aim of education.
Consequently, people should attain education with positive manners as this is cause of bringing strength and potency in creation of favorable society. This small effort can bring a huge change in the community and people like this alteration highly.

جواب چھوڑیں

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